Saturday, October 17, 2009

my mind doin a drive by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

twisted distortions of life ride my brain waves

tsunami sizes title waves flood my thoughts

i'm not easily provoked, i neva choke

can't stand to be broke, but i'll fall for the cash

i stay havin bitches up my ass; in my house

a yo as a matter of fact see yo way to the door bitch!

I don't want you kno more, they told me you was a slore

but fuck it, i've taken plenty of chances b4. I can't stand the world;

one big fuckin contradiction, life is

fiction; the government treat us like

pussies and try to figure out where to put the dick in,

so we can get

fucked...gangsta don't forget to keep ya gun tucked,

ya'll like chickens

waitin to get plucked. it's dinner time now, mothafuckas is ready to eat

who gonna provide that meal, mommy decided to buy smoke instead of payin the gas bill!

I see it all clearly now, I gotta know the right dial to be pressed cuz

mommy is so stressed, i guess i'll take a load off...that's why I smoke

the lye I need my mind to reach high, go up in the clouds see if jesus really flies

and did he really die for our sins, or did an ancient form of our

government fuck us over again?????

I've done the reasearch, pastor actin like a pervert

don't convert have faith in self put that otha shit on the shelf,

if you aint a twin, then you came in this life alone; don't die a clone

learn for ya self!

By: Tanya Robinson

It’s like i’m scared to write sometimes!!

It's like I have so much to say, and when I want to write it down their is something blocking me. I know my thoughts aren't empty. Their filled with vigor, intelligence and renewed knowledge. I'm scared to write sometimes , I feel I may say something so outrageous that I wouldn't believe it…writing is suppose to be about freedom of expression; maybe I'm just to critical of myself, in fact that is the dilemma! How do I stray away from doubt? Doubt itself is present is all things around us, and beyond us…It's almost like the snowflakes that blanket the pavement outside the window to my left…..a bunch of "scattered thoughts" accumulating into a magnificent expressions read in between the lines! Between the lines are where most of my dreams lye. I sometimes take a glimpse into the sky while I puff on an "L" and think to the high heavens in which I have no faith, once again it's doubt…everything around me seems asinine…why is that? I have so many questions in my head, writing is what keeps space for sanity. Since I was a child I've always had a thirst for knowledge, a huge thirst, almost to the point of dehydration! Go figure…Seeking knowledge from those who have no quest for it is an impossible journey, an excursion left to be discovered alone. Alone is how my thoughts roam, alone and on their own. I wonder wear all this is going? I mean am I just writing because it's what I love to do? Or will I become an author…I mean shit, is their a point to all this? I feel like I write for a purpose…maybe the rewards and acknowledgements come after the work, most who were legends with a pin were dead before they were acknowledged.
By:Tanya Robison


It's 5:30am
I'm awake
I'm high
I'm drowsey
It's quiet
It's Lonely
It's entertaining
It's 5:42
I'm not sleep
I'm not hungry
I'm not high
I'm not sleep!
Is it morning yet?
still dark outside my window
has the rain begun?
It's now snowing
no sun
less fun
should I roll up?
I'm gonna sleep all day
Insomnia again!
By: Tanya Robinson

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Less is more...

It's difficult to come up with creative spins on life, politics and socially relevant issues. History does repeat itself, so are we really saying anything new? I've always felt; the more you know the less you fit in. Many people may support the opposite, me not really. Ignorance is bliss 'aint it? I question everything and everyone and it's made me less likely to go through certain issues and more prone to other issues ! WTF? I'm just blabbing I need to get it out of my mind before I can get to what's real. I will definitely post my poetry and rhymes on my blog. If your reading this you can see how my mind is never in one place at a time, it just keeps running and running!