Sunday, August 7, 2011

Self Deprivation

I keep telling myself the reason I want you so bad is because the sex is so good but I'm lying! It's the emotions attached to it that keep my interest, I know your not good for me but I don't care....It's difficult to go days without you and know the feelings aren't mutual! I know the type of female you want but the stubbornness in me doesn't care! I love being me along with all my flaws....Flaws that are superficial because I'm comfortable with me but society is not! I know you love the streets cuz that's all you know but I promise if you give me a chance your life would enhance leaps and bounds, I just want you around! Our friendship is important to me but my feelings don't care, I'd express them more often but the game has told me that's not a good Idea, I don't want to push you away! I guess if I can't have the whole you, then I'll take a piece...I just wish you  would trust me enough to let me in but I understand why not so I accept it. I've always gotten who and what I wanted but you give me enough to keep me around and that's all, sometimes I wonder why I'm selling myself short but when we're together everything you do to upset me goes out the window and when you leave I'm left with the view!  I'm very familiar with your attitude because it use to be mine but have you ever had anyone love you unconditionally? I just wonder what you really think about our situation, I know many people say they want to hear the truth but I mean what I say! If I'm just good enough to fuck then tell me, I'm not going to say it wouldn't hurt my feelings to hear that but I rather you be honest with me. I can't control how I feel and I don't want to,  I just want to know how you really feel, really I wanna know what you think! 

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  1. some fantastic points here; guys, read up and act now. Especially showing that you are passionate about life - what girls wants an unambitious, negative guy?
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