Tuesday, October 4, 2011

no Debate!

I reflect on my life N wonder how I stand/ I will never be defeated cuz I'm my own fan....people always have somethin to say and talking out they ass/ they never say it to my face so I let it pass....I peep people up close and from a distance/ my plans coming together like a surgeons's precision...don't worry cuz I never sleep/ my love for my family runs hella deep...they say dreams come true but what if you never sleep....life's a bitch so I go hard/ I write to keep me from seein prison bars...life's what you make it and I have the recipe/ my word is my bond no one can see me....how these dumb bitch's function is beyond me/ they stay on their knees for a bag of trees...then they wonder why these dudes say they don't love these hoes/ it's because before the bitch knew his name she took off her clothes...chicks think they low we know you treat ya nose...shit is real out here people are stressed out/ blunt smoke makes problems fade out... foreigners talk about the American dream/ that shit 'aint half of what it seems...people starving over here in the states/ but we suppose to be the richest so there's no debate....

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