Monday, January 24, 2011

Storm Chasers

Yeah it's me/ you know the one you always ignore never ever really thought about before/ the one who you've hurt to the core because you care for others more! Yeah it's me, the last one standing the one that's never demanding/ always a breath of fresh air when compared to others/ why bother pointing out the obnoxious stares/ it's the attention you crave/ how do they view me, the real me? Is that me or am I just a reflection of them from within? I didn't apply for this position but it's the one I've been enlisted.......IN! they told me this was a bargain otherwise I'd be subjected to the jargon of the norm/ fuck the storm I was born to conquer waves a hundred feet high/ navigate the seas of life with strife and apprehension/ I'm on a mission to separate, elevate and aggravate the naive / it's been planted in me like a seed/ so I feel it like a need/ I take shit to the extreme/ like a drug dealer trying to get the most cream/ like Malcom we all "have a dream" but nightmares are also dreams/ vivid stories of realty depicted in actuality not conformed by factuality but just a dream...

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